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Testimonials and Reviews


"Curly Like Me made me laugh, with and at my hair. It allowed me to secretly cry over a childhood spent wondering, ‘why won't my curls behave, or my hair wave in the in wind.’ Today I embrace my texture, the unique perk of being bi-racial, and live for NATURAL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Thank you Teri for your book that every girl of color with curly hair spent with years of hot combs, chemicals, and frizz should read."

Rain Pryor, author of Jokes My Father Never Taught Me: Life, Love, and Loss with Richard Pryor and winner of the NAACP Theatre Award

"Curly Like Me is down-to-earth, fun to read, and chock full of useful information for curly girls everywhere. Kudos to Teri LaFlesh for showing the world that curly hair can be a blessing not a burden."

Lori Tharps, co-author of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America and author of Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain

"You’ll read this excellent how-to guide to get Teri’s envious beautiful curls, but you’ll love this book because you’ll have Teri’s gentle and endearing voice in your ear for a journey to self-acceptance of your curly-haired self!"

Heidi W. Durrow, author of The Girl Who Fell from the Sky and co-host of Mixed Chicks Chat.

"A great hair guide for coily heads that is easy to read, fun, relatable, understandable and full of tips and advice that will make living with ‘humid sensitive’ hair, enjoyable."

Mireille Liong-A-Kong, founder of Going-Natural.com and author of Going Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair

"With Curly Like Me, Teri LaFlesh has provided us curly heads with THE Bible of hair care for our tightly curled manes. If you thought your (or your child's) hair was hard to manage, Teri will prove you wrong. After suffering through relaxers, jheri curls, texturizing, dreadlocks, weaves, and extensions, Teri stopped fighting against her curls and embarked on a journey to embrace them. The results are stunning! Teri discovered a simple, easy to follow technique that produces healthy, happy, beautiful curls freeing us from chemicals, heat, and perpetual ponytails. She's layed it out step by step, providing us with the do's, the don'ts, and even the why's! A more thorough hair care manual we could not ask for. Perhaps even more momentous though is the journey toward self acceptance that lies in the pages of the book. It seems as though Ms. LaFlesh learned that what happens when we try to make our hair into something that it is not, is a mirror of what happens when we try to make our SELF into something that it is not. Curly Like Me is also about embracing every aspect of one's authentic self. That beautiful and unique being that the world will not be able to experience if we waste our energy fighting against it in hopes of conforming to that which we're told every day on television, in magazines, and in the movies is 'normal' and 'good.' The struggle against the "real" hair becomes symbolic of the inner struggle against the real self. Teri says, 'I treated my curls as if they weren't good enough in their natural state. Yet after all I had done to them they, couldn't be crushed.' The same can be said of the human spirit. Thank you, Teri!!"

Tiffany Jones of Mulatto Diaries and Mulatto Diaries on YouTube.

"Curly Like Me helps the naturally curly woman understand the shape, curl and character of her curls down to the very DNA of her spirals. This how-to guide is a comprehensive information resource for new and veteran curlies alike."

Eva Daniels, founder of NaturalHairGrows.com.

"My unstyled mop encompasses almost all of the most judgemental adjectives that shampoo manufactures ever apply to hair. It is fragile, dry, tangly, and ornery; it frizzes and poufs; it stands and expands. It is fickle and emotional; it swallows hairbrushes alive and soaks up most products like sand in the desert. But. I care for my waist-length curls using the exact method Teri LaFlesh describes in "Curly Like Me", and as a result, my once-unruly mane has now become a well-behaved magnet for compliments. When my hair is carefully conditioned and sectioned as per Teri's directives, it forms a thick, healthy river of glossy ringlets that are easy to manage, impervious to humidity, and really, quite a delight to have at any social occasion. I'm a professional actor, and I've yet to meet an on-set hairstylist who felt the need to "fix" my hair, because when I give it the Teri-treatment, I arrive on set with my otherwise-enormous pelt looking shapely, well-rested and ready for its closeup. And the fact that I can accomplish this using only a $5 bottle of drugstore conditioner? Unreal. I highly recommend "Curly Like Me" to every curly-haired person- it's necessary reading if you want to stop fighting, and start loving, your curls!

Nicole Stamp, writer and actress.

"This is the book I wished my curly-haired sister could've had growing up. As the children of a Japanese mother and black father, our hair was called "bushy" although mine was more wavy than curly. My poor sister, though, suffered through relaxers and the dreaded inverted vacuum cleaner hose (before blow dryers) that my mother used.

I love how Teri makes caring for curly hair so effortless even as she breaks it all down very scientifically. Not only are Teri's instructions helpful, but the photos and diagrams are an added bonus--as are her very personal tales of being born curly-haired."

Yayoi Winfrey, creator of Watermelon Sushi World and writer/director of Watermelon Sushi.

"As an Irish mother of two beautiful adopted daughters from Ethiopia, I’ve found Teri’s advice on hair care and the correct products to be invaluable. I now have a newfound confidence and use the book as a reference when I’m stuck on something or trying new styles in the girls’ hair."

Orna Carr, Ireland


Picture taken by Margot of Coffee and Vanilla.com

Photo by Margot of CoffeeAndVanilla.com


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