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This list doesn't come close to listing all the sites out there, but has a good selection of flavors of them. Many of them have links, reading lists, communities, and resources:

Wonderful natural hair sites:

Afrobella is a super-fun site that talks about fashion and beauty. It makes me so happy to read all the great reviews and articles here.

Black Girl With Long Hair discusses hair, product, and haircare issues, as well as other topics. You can even check out an interview with Tanya Wright of HBO's critically acclaimed series True Blood, where she mentions Curly Like Me and how it changed her relationship with her hair at: Actress Tanya Wright of True Blood// Natural Hair Style Icon.

Going Natural: This is the site of Mireille Lion-A-Kong, author of the book Going Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair. The site and book emphasize braids, cornrows, twists, afros, and dreadlocks. Mireille also has a site in Dutch (so cool that she has this) called Kroeshaar. You can check out the interview I did with Mireille at: "Teri's Heartfelt Hair Story"

Motown Girl is a fun and fabulous natural hair site packed with information, natural hair stories, and resources.

Naturally Beautiful Hair has gorgeous pictures of locs, and will be including photos and information on other natural styles. So many stunning pictures of natural hair styles!

Natural Hair Grows is a refreshing site that discusses why it seems tightly curly African-American hair often doesn't seem to grow, as well as hair care advice. She actually quotes from studies about the research being done in this area, and discusses it (I love that). Back in the day, I used to think that because I had very curly hair, I could never have long hair. I never saw images of women with tight curls with long hair. Now that I have hair reaching my hips, I know this was due to how we are taught to care for our hair, not something inherent in our hair itself.

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Hair and Product Information Sites:

The Beauty Brains is a wonderful site that helps you cut through all the confusing misinformation out there surrounding our hair products and cosmetics. Written by a group of anonymous cosmetic scientists (anonymous so they can tell you the truth about the different brands without losing their jobs), they tell you the real truth about what's in those products.

Cosmetics Cop is the site by Paula Begoun, the author of Don't go Shopping For Hair-Care Products Without Me. She tells the hard truth when it comes to advertising hype.

The Natural Haven is a blog created by a scientist who explains the science behind hair and products, and gives it in juicy detail—with illustrations! This is a wonderful hair and ingredient resource, especially when you are looking for a deeper understanding of what’s really in a product.

P&G Beauty and Grooming is surprisingly helpful, and gives lots of information about the structure of our hair, great pictures of what it looks like damaged, how best to care for it. This is a real resource.

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Hair Adornment Sites:

France Luxe has some gorgeous combs, clips, and hair sticks in all kinds of beautiful styles. They aren't cheap, but what they are selling is beautiful. I've been coveting the Elysee Stick for years now.

Hair Comes the Bride: If you are getting married anytime soon, or if you're simply looking for some beautful things to put in your hair, this is a fun site to check out. They sell crystal encrusted floral pins and crowns, as well as more simple white porcelaine flower pins.

Simplistic Designs sells large, work-of art combs in bronze, copper and German silver. These hold up thick, curly hair without snagging. I have one, and because of it I can now wear my hair up all day (before getting this comb, when I wore my hair up, after only a few hours I usually ended up taking it down because the weight of my hair would pull too much and start to hurt my head. With the comb my hair actually feels light). You can check out more about my experience with the comb, as well as pictures of what my hair looks like wearing it at New Hair Tool!.

Smoothies by Intuition has a large and lovely selection of smooth hair sticks and combs to adorn your beautiful curls. One of my favorites is the Lyric-Tort comb .

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Our Community:

AMEA: The Association for MultiEthnic Americans has an extensive reading list with all kinds of books about the multiracial experience.

Coffee and Vanilla is a gorgeous and fabulous Euro-Caribbean blog featuring delicious food...and more (Marissa, Margot's adorable daughter, is featured on the Before and After page).

The Colors of Commitment is a site dedicated to social change. It sells the Colors of Commitment Writstband, with proceeds going to help the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer as well as HELPS Foster Care Agency.

Dolls Like Me: Has a huge selection of dolls of all races, including biracial and mixed.

Light Skinned-ed Girl: There is so much here. This is the site of Heidi, a writer who is half black and half Danish. The first thing that struck me when I found the site is the childhood photo of her...she's arresting. The site has lots of multiracial links, and a running blog of her thoughts and observations. She's very active in the multiracial community, including being the co-host of "Mixed Chicks Chat". Her observations are always thought provoking.

See my interview with Heidi.

MAViN Foundation is "the nation's leading organization that builds healthy communities that celebrate and empower mixed-heritage people and families."

Mixed Chicks Chat Hosted by Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox, this weekly podcast has interviews with many fascinating people active in the mixed community.

You can listen to my interview on Mixed Chicks Chat, and leave comments if you'd like to.

Mixed Child. This new site has lots of fun information, including a Bulletin Board, quotes from mixed celebrities, and stories of all different life experiences, from all types of people. You can check out the interview I did with Amina (she's fascinating!) at A Hairy Experience: Teri LaFlesh Uncovers Her Roots.

Mixed Heritage Center is a "clearinghouse of information relevant to the lives of people who are multiracial, multiethnic, transracially adopted, or otherwise affected by the intersection of race and culture".

The Multiracial Activist is "dedicated to the struggle for and preservation of civil rights for multiracial individuals and interracial couples/families". It includes lots of links to multiracial magazines and sites.

One Brown Girl has "postive messages, products, stories & adventures for the brown girl world". This site celebrates the brown girl experience across cultures, while encouraging free thinking.

The Topaz Club is a professional and social network of biracial/multiracial women who are of African descent. They embrace a mixed race identity, instead of the "one-drop rule" (so refreshing). They have interesting online discussions, and function as a support group, with members sometimes getting together in person.

Watermelon Sushi World is the blog of a creative and fun Hip Hapa woman Yayoi Lena Winfrey. She is very active in the mixed community, has a line of T-Shirts for us mixes, and is working on a film as well.

My cousin Johnny's band The Whiskey Riders : Okay, I'm totally biased, but my cousin Johnny Goebel is one talented guy. He's the one playing the banjo in this video (totally self-taught): Castle. You can also check them out on Facebook. Know that some of their themes and images are for adults only. They have sort of rock/country sound. Very mixed-esque (totally appropriate since he's mixed too). If you check them out, tell Johnny Hi from his cousin Teri.

Me, my mom, and dad

My dad, me, and my mom.

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Giving Back:

There are so many deserving programs to donate money or time to that sometimes it can be difficult to decide on which one to give to. This is one I feel really strongly about:

The Harlem Children's Zone is a program I admire very much. It gives educational opportunities to children in the most impoverished and neglected areas in the country. By employing a "by any means necessary" philosophy, the HCZ builds schools and establishes programs for moms and their babies, all the way up to helping college kids through school. Their goal is to not only close the black/ white testing gap, but to send all the children in the program to college. Being a geeky girl myself, I believe making education a priority in our communities is vital to our success.

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