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Your natural curls are stunning works of art exactly as they grow from your head.

The only catch is that our hair is actually quite fragile—though it may at times seem thick or even stubborn and unmanageable. Our curls need to be cared for in a way that’s different from all other hair types.

If you (or someone in your life) are having trouble making your beautiful curls happy, this site has the answers to make your hair care routine simple. I have gathered all the information you need to grow long, vibrant curls. To make your hair happy actually costs very little money, and you can do it with only the cost of shampoo, a conditioner or two, and a comb.

And once you know what to do with your lovely curls, they will no longer be a big deal. You will be able to free up all the time and money and energy you were spending on your hair and put it toward other areas in your life.

Caring for our hair doesn't have to cost a fortune.

You just need to know a few basic steps to make it happy.

Saucer Fro Natural Hair

Here I am before I figured out how to care for my hair (my relaxer days), and after (completely natural).

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A Bit About Why I Put Up the Site:

Thank you for visiting! My name is Teri. I came by my super-curly hair being half black and half white, and my biracial hair is so curly it catches around buttons, sequins, and other people’s watches. I spent my entire life struggling with my super curly hair. I read countless books and articles, tried numerous products and asked dozens of professionals to help manage my hair. None of the books, articles, products or people helped. Even books that specifically said they were for tightly curled, “kinky” hair all seemed to give the same advice, and none of it worked. So I began to try to figure out what my hair needed on my own. It took lots of searching and experimenting, but I finally figured it out. I went from short, crunchy hair that always felt more like a nest than hair, to long happy spirals that now reach my hips.

Teri's picture taken by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com

Photo by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com

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I hated my hair until I figured it out. Now I cherish it.

This site is devoted to helping others struggling with their tight coils. Treated correctly, those curls can become your unique trademark, and your friend.

I don’t want anyone else to suffer for thirty years with their hair when they don’t have to. I wrote a book on all I've learned about how to care for tightly curly hair, but I wanted to make the basic information available to you now so you wouldn't have to keep struggling.

The information on this site is a brief overview of all that I've discovered in my struggles to grow my tightly curled hair long. The majority of my information is in my book Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and Strong: It's the off-the-grid, do-it-yourself owner's manual for tightly curly hair.

For more of my Before pictures, see my Hair History section. For more of my After pictures, check out the Notes section or the Hair Shots section (this page also has pictures that show the size of my curls up close).

Ever wonder what's really in your hair care products? Check out the Ingredients Dictionary to look up your product's ingredients.


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